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1979 – Paintings and drawings (Slaný, CZ)

1980 – Portrait in drawing (Slaný, CZ)

1983 – Paintings and drawings (Unhošť, CZ)

1983 – Nude Art (České Budějovice, CZ)

1984 – Paintings and drawings (Prague – Wellenstein Garden, CZ)

1985 – Paintings and drawings (Prague – Wellenstein Garden, CZ)

1987 – Paintings and drawings (Vienna, AUT)

1988 – Arrangement 88 (Unhošť, CZ)

1989 – Journeys (Unhošť. CZ)

1989 – Paintings (Kladno, CZ)

1989 – Creation 99 (Kolín)

1990 – Dialog I (Prague, CZ)

1990 – Dialog II (Prague, CZ)

1990 – Arrangement 90 (Prague, CZ)

1990 – Czech Code (Prague, CZ)

1991 – Savarin 91 (Prague, CZ)

1991 – Objects and drawings (Prague, CZ)

1991 – Drawings 91 (Prague, CZ)

1991 – Czechoslovakian arts in Germany (Bremen, Burgwegel, DE)

1992 – Paintings and drawings (Prague, CZ)

1992 – Getting together – Citadel (Prague, CZ)

1993 – Czech Code II (Prague, CZ)

1994 – Paintings and drawings (FRA)

1995 – Paintings and drawings (NL)

1996 – Getting together at Řečický’s (Prague, CZ)

1997 – Paintings (Prague, CZ)

1999 – The way to the light (Prague, CZ)

1999 – European Economic Congress (Prague, CZ)

2000 – Drawings (Opava, CZ)

2000 – Paintings and drawings (Prague, CZ)

2001 – Worldwide Exhibition at Minorite Abbey (Opava, CZ)

2001 – Independent exhibition with Drawings “Way of light” (Opava, Zlín, CZ)

2002 – Painting Exhibition “Blue pyramid” (Opava, CZ)

2003 – Joint exhibition at Hunting Castle Ohrada – collection of 12 historical canvas with medieval theme (Ohrada, CZ)

2003 – Dental sanatorium entrance hall – monumental canvas 3x3m with Theme “Jesus as Lightcarrier” (Prague, CZ)

2003 – Castel Chapel in Červený Újezd – Copy of Master of Wittingau “Resurrection” (CZ)

2004 – Creation of spiritual paintings for meditation rooms Dotyk (Prague, CZ)

2004 – Dental sanatorium – monumental canvas 2,5 x 2m with theme “Virgin Mary with baby Jesus” (Prague, CZ)

2004 – Independent painting-exhibition “Angels appointment” (pastel painting) (Prague, CZ)

2004 – St. Jacob’s Church – painting with theme “Return of the loss son” (Prague, CZ)

2005 – Winning concepts and realization of gothic rooms – Hotel “U černého orla” (Small Side, Prague, CZ)

2005 – Historical wall painting, restoration of renaissance rooms, Paintings with historical theme (Prague, CZ)

2005 – Continuous creation of works with spiritual theme (CZ)

2005 – Church Chodov – exhibition “Way to light” (CZ)

2006 – Exhibition with theme “Commedia dell´Arte” in the rooms of Foto Škoda – Prague 1 (Prague, CZ)

2006 – Paricipation at the event “Kladenské dvorky” paintings with theme “Commedia dell´Arte” (Kladno, CZ)

2006 – Creation of painting for Hotel “Diana” (Prague, CZ)

2006 – Creation of spiritual paintings for Hotel “Questenberk” nearby Prague Castle and Strahov Abbey (Prague, CZ)

2007 – Creation of paintings with spiritual and free theme for private rooms (CZ)

2007 – Winning concepts and realisation of a portrait “Gaius Claudius Galenos”, “Avicenna” and “Paracelsus” for the magazine “Lékárna” (CZ)

2008 – Winning concepts and realisation of a plastic Angel sculpture for Exterior of furniture company HOBIS in Opava (CZ)

2008 – Painting exhibition in Žilina (SK)

2008 – Finishing trilogy of historical paintings for Hotel Questenberk (Prague, CZ)

2008 – Concept and realization of a new Logo + design-concept and attendance during creation of the website for von Ancora Praha (CZ)

2008 – today – pedagogical private lessons about painting and drawing (CZ)

2009 – Winning concepts and realization of two paintings for a entrance hall at Hotel Anděl, Prague, 2.canvas size180 x130 cm (Prague, CZ)

2009 – Independent exhibition “Let there be light!” in the rooms of Prague Energetic Company – PRE (Prague, CZ)

2010 – Independent exhibition “Ways of light” in the Gallery “U Slepičků” in Kladno (CZ)

2010 – Hunting spring at Spa Třeboň – Joint exhibition (CZ)

2011 – “Getting-together with Hubert” – Joint Painting exhibition with hunting theme (CZ)

2011 – Exhibition “Colored World of Ondřej Zahradníček” (Unhošť, CZ)

Further projects:

1991 – Portraits of Japanese popular political, financial and society persons, and copies of old baroque masters for the Vatanabe Gallery (Japan)

1997 – Winner of an architectural competition in “Solutions of czech exposition” for the World furniture exhibition (Cologne, DE)

since 1993 – Illustration for a Czech publishing company FRAGMENT, English publishing company MANTICORE and others, more than 50 title
Realization of book covers, posters, CD-Booklets etc.

Winning realization of a winter concept for Nestlé-Orion (Chocolate figures)

Representation in private collections – Germany, Netherlands , England, Japan, Belgium, Poland, France, USA, etc.

2003 – Winner of the national competition and realization of the winning concept for the billboard-campaign “Czech head changes the world”

2003/4 – Realization of 3 stainless steel bodies with theme “Crucifixion of Jesus Christ” for the catholic community (Opava, CZ)

2006 – Realization of a billboard-campaign for a political party ODS – Jan Klas (CZ)

2007 – Realization of a concept for production of cups and bells with spiritual theme

2007 – Decoration of sales areas “Engels caress” (Chrudim, CZ)

2009 – Concept and Realization of a children game for the publishing company Rembrandt – Pexeso “Animal families”

2009 – Restoration for the Church of Holy Ghost (Canvas of Johann from Nepomuk )

2009-2010 – Painting Circle for beginners for the magazine Hunting Art (01 – 04/2010)

2010 – Poster creation for a Weekend-Event “Hunting Spring at Třeboň”

2010 – Jury-leader– competition for the most successful poster “The golden Cocker Spaniel of Jaroslav Béza” + leading an art seminar

2010 – Illustration of a fairy-tales-book “Fairy-tales from Kutná Hora”

2011 – Winning concept and realization of a mascot “Škodováček” for Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav

2011 – Promotion material for the publishing company Hunting Art

2011 – Painting realization of a internet presence “Za přírodou.cz” – publishing company Hunting Art

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